RES 711 WEEK 3 Literature Review

Select a research topic that is related to your area of interest.

Identify key words related to your topic.

Using your key words, search the University Library databases for 2 scholarly, peer-reviewed, articles published in the past 4 years.  An example of appropriate databases include EBSCO, ERIC, PsychInfo, or ProQuest.

Prepare a 350 to 700 word summary for each article.  Include the following:

  • Identify the research problem(s), question(s), study type (paradigm and methodology), data collection procedures, analysis, and results
  • Explain how the scholarly literature introduced in the article supported the topic
  • Describe how you would use this literature to further your selected research topic
  • Format your summaries consistent with APA guidelines

Create a literature map to organize your literature.  This can be presented in a graphic or outline format.  Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

RES 711 WEEK 3 Literature Review